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Look Inside: The Market at Storey Farms - Johns Island, SC

The Market at Storey Farms
Owner: Jeremy Storey
Opened: 2014
Cooperative: none
 3388 Trumpet Rd, Johns Island, SC
Photographed: January 2022
Okay, I admit: this is not exactly a grocery store. So if you're not interested, feel free to skip today's post and head over to The Market Report for a boring ol' supermarket tour tomorrow. But I had a good time here, and I thought I should share that. The Market at Storey Farms, pictured above, is a farmstand and small food stand at Storey Farms, which is a functional farm (that you can read all about here). They produce eggs, chicken, and pork, and also sell other local products and prepared foods. The Market is under a large tent, meaning it's all outdoors -- something we of course could not have up in the northeast for climate reasons. But we also got to say hello to some of the animals who live here...
...including a few baby goats, who were having a grand old time in their enclosure out by the road, Betsy Kerrison Parkway, which is the road that takes you from the center of Johns Island to Seabrook and Kiawah Islands to the south. More on those tomorrow.
I, too, enjoy standing on top of tires with all my limbs very close together sometimes. Who doesn't?
And I also met this handsome fellow, who is just a neighbor's cat who wandered over. He was quite friendly. (I also have an orange tabby at home, although he's generally either terrified of me or trying to walk exactly where I'm standing. That's just having cats, though...)
I thought this would be a fun diversion from our usual schedule of supermarket tours. But tomorrow we return to the supermarkets with a store tour just to the south where Johns Island, Seabrook Island, and Kiawah Island all come together on The Market Report!